Da Xuan Healing

Traditional Daoist Distance Healing & Celestial Mandate Readings



Daoist Healing is an esoteric approach to healing the Body, Mind and Spirit, in which Man is connected to Heaven and Earth. In this perfect connection one can reset the body and deliver it from its physical, emotional and mental pain.

Today I provide healing treatments and Celestial Mandate readings via video consultation to patients all over the world. In my unique approach I have combined Celestial Mandate readings with my distant healing sessions. Not only will you benefit from the energetic rebalancing, but by understanding your Celestial Mandate, you can have a clear view of your blockages and know better how to release them by reaching towards your perfection.


Distance Healing


Distance or remote healing uses energy that can be sent across any distance to a recipient without a physical presence or touch. It is non physical and non-local. 

Part of each person’s vitality is an intangible energy, not bound by time or space. This non-manifested aspect of ourselves is closer to the mind and the emotions than the physical body, and it links us all. 

Negative thinking can have an enormous affect on your life and it can be difficult to change. Your thoughts impact your energy and physical state, making you feel trapped in a system you did not choose but most likely gradually slipped into.

Distant healing sessions can help with any issues at any age. It is particularly effective at addressing negative experiences such as abuse or trauma, negative thinking and feeling, or an excess of emotions. It can also help you understand and correct lifestyle issues such as ensuring you get enough sleep, how to eat well, or taking care of your physical body.

The concept of Distant Daoist Healing is to reboot your system on an energetic level so that it can heal itself using the universal knowledge that connects all of us. My tradition of Daoism is shamanic at its roots, and so bases all of its healing action on the spiritual world. I am simply a tool which can help re-balance your body, emotions and mind by helping you create a spiritual connection. In my tradition, distant healing is considered the purest form of treatment as we are freed from the physical incarnation (which is pure yin), and brought closer to the Yuan Shen (pure yang), the original energy which links us all.

During my Distant Healing session, I will create a subtle link with you where I will help get stagnant energies moving and calm overactive energies so you can return to emotional balance and find health and happiness.

Helping others feel better about themselves has always been my goal and mission in life.

I have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2003, and later moved onto Traditional Daoist  medicine, Celestial Mandate and distant treatments based in Daoist shamanism. All of my studies have been within the Da Xuan tradition, which is a clanic tradition of Daoism that was founded in 510 AD in Kunlun, China. I learn directly from, the master of the Da Xuan lineage.

             ~Isis Augier

Celestial Mandate


The Celestial Mandate is an interpretation of the Qi Men Dun Jia and Bazi. It is an astrological theme that reveals your essence. This will help you find your life’s potential, like a map of your deep inner tendencies: who you are, how you see the world, your talents and weaknesses.

The personality can be revealed without mysteries.

The mandate will show you any timely potential and hidden opportunities and will tell you about any obstructions and threats that may come your way.

You will find out the reasons why you behave the way you do, what can be done about these behaviours, and the best use of your talents. If you have a deep understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and personality traits, you can evolve towards your real ideal self. This will make you understand any potential or hidden opportunities, and find blockages that may stop your evolution.

Destiny is a matter of choices which lead to change, it is not 100% carved in stone. In other words, if you understand your internal mechanisms and tendencies, you will open the possibility of changing anything you want about your destiny.

By discovering and understanding this, you will make informed, better quality decisions in all aspects of your professional or private life, and will remain conscious of your options.

Make conscious, informed decisions and create changes in your life!



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